Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research


Improve the CFIR

Wiki Directions

We need your input to continue to improve the usefulness of the CFIR. The following three questions are guiding evaluation of the CFIR’s value:

  1. Is terminology and language coherent?
  2. Does the CFIR promote comparison of results across contexts and studies over time?
  3. Does the CFIR stimulate new theoretical developments?

Based on your experience, if the answer to any of these questions is no, please tell us how the CFIR can be improved so it can help advance the science of implementation.

We invite you to become an active collaborator on efforts to improve the CFIR. Every page of the Wiki has a “Discussion Tab”. When you register, you can post comments about the CFIR's overall structure or click on the “Discussion Tab” within a specific construct to contribute to discussions regarding that construct. Do you have triumphs and travails in applying the CFIR? Do you have lessons learned you can share? Do you have issues that need resolution? Post them in the “Discussion Tab” pages.

Contact Us

We welcome feedback on anything related to the CFIR – and especially related to this website! Please send us any thoughts, criticisms or concerns on the CFIR or the website. We look forward to ongooing dialogue with CFIR users.

Future Plans: Design an Implementation Strategy

Browse through ideas for tools and ways of learning from others that could help guide design of tailored implementation strategies based on assessments of CFIR constructs. Please browse our current compilation and give us feedback or recommendations.