Formally Appointed Internal Implementation Leaders

Individuals from within the organization who have been formally appointed with responsibility for implementing an intervention as coordinator, project manager, team leader, or other similar role.  


Domain: Process

Construct: Engaging

These leaders may or may not have explicit time dedicated to the task. Implementation is ‘part of the job.’ This role includes individuals from within the organization who have been formally appointed with responsibility for implementation. These leaders may or many not have explicit time dedicated to the task but they will be more effective if they have dedicated time rather than as a distraction on top of other job duties [1]. For these leaders, implementation is “part of the job.” Internal implementation leaders may also act as a champion or opinion leader, or may simply execute a plan or organize meetings between key individuals. Whether or not these leaders play a dual-role (e.g., a project coordinator who is also a champion) depends on the degree of passion, creativity, and willingness to take risks.

Inclusion Criteria

Include statements related to engagement strategies and outcomes, e.g., how the formally appointed internal implementation leader became engaged with the innovation and what their role is in implementation. Note: Although both strategies and outcomes are coded here, the outcome of efforts to engage staff determines the rating, i.e. if there are repeated attempts to engage an implementation leader that are not successful, or if the implementation leader leaves the organization and this role is vacant, the construct receives a negative rating. In addition, you may also want to code the “quality” of the implementation leader here – their capabilities, motivation, and skills, i.e. how good they are at their job, and this affects the rating as well.

Exclusion Criteria

Exclude or double code statements regarding leadership engagement to Leadership Engagement  if an implementation leader is also an organizational leader, e.g., if a director of primary care takes the lead in implementing a new treatment guideline.


Check out SIRC’s Instrument Review project and published systematic review protocol, which has cataloged over 400 implementation-related measures. 

Note: As we become aware of measures, we will post them here. Please contact us with updates.

  1. Feldstein AC, Glasgow RE: A practical, robust implementation and sustainability model (PRISM) for integrating research findings into practice. Jt Comm J Qual Patient Saf 2008, 34:228-243.