Tailoring Strategies

Choose and operationalize implementation strategies to address barriers, leverage facilitators, and fit context.

Implementation strategies are chosen and tailored to address findings from Assessing Needs and Assessing Context (Powell et al., 2017). The Expert Recommendations for Implementing Change (ERIC) provides a list of strategies (Powell et al., 2015); Waltz et al. reported recommendations from implementation experts about which strategies might best address each CFIR barrier (Waltz et al., 2019); this can provide an initial starting point to select strategies. There are many approaches for tailoring strategies (Powell et al., 2017), including implementation mapping (Fernandez et al., 2019), which can be used to operationalize chosen strategies and then reported following published guidelines (Proctor et al., 2013).

Qualitative coding guidelines that are aligned with the Updated CFIR will be added in the future.

As we become aware of measures, we will post them here. Please contact us with updates.

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