Other Implementation Support

Individuals who support the Implementation Leads and/or Implementation Team Members to implement the innovation.

Other key roles in implementation include individuals who assist the Implementation Leads and Team Members with implementation. These individuals can perform many different functions, including providing technical assistance for information technology, human resources, contracting, etc. It can also include integrators who help to build relationships between Inner Settings (Dy et al., 2015).

Qualitative coding guidelines that are aligned with the Updated CFIR will be added in the future.

As we become aware of measures, we will post them here. Please contact us with updates.

Dy, S. M., Ashok, M., Wines, R. C., & Rojas Smith, L. (2015). A Framework to Guide Implementation Research for Care Transitions Interventions: Journal for Healthcare Quality, 37(1), 41–54. https://doi.org/10.1097/01.JHQ.0000460121.06309.f9.