Policies & Laws

Legislation, regulations, professional group guidelines and recommendations, or accreditation standards support implementation and/or delivery of the innovation.

This construct includes externally promulgated (governmental or other external entity) policies, regulations, rules, codes, mandates, recommendations, guidelines, directives, or accreditation requirements (Aarons et al., 2011; Flottorp et al., 2013; Greenhalgh et al., 2017; Leeman et al., 2019; Mendel et al., 2008; Nilsen & Bernhardsson, 2019; Squires et al., 2019), and alignment of implementation of the innovation with these policies and laws (Means et al., 2020). This construct also includes externally generated malpractice liability (Flottorp et al., 2013) and continuing education requirements (Raghavan et al., 2008).

The original CFIR expanded more on this construct to include “political directives,” “policy push,” and “external mandates.” Greenhalgh et al. cite strong evidence of the direct effects of these concepts; they may also have indirect effects by increasing motivation (but not capacity) of settings to implement innovations (Greenhalgh, Robert, et al., 2004 p610).

Qualitative coding guidelines that are aligned with the Updated CFIR will be added in the future.

As we become aware of measures, we will post them here. Please contact us with updates.

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