New Video: Implementation Science Intersected with Quality Improvement

This post is a bit different. Rather than highlighting a specific article, this post provides a link to a recent interview with Kristian Hudson with the Improvement Academy, part of the Bradford Institute for Health Research in England:

Laura Damschroder interview on Implementation Science

In this interview, we covered a wide range of topics within implementation science and I used this opportunity to highlight the value of incorporating QI approaches among clinical teams at the frontline. Engaging teams in on-going dynamic optimization of evidence-based innovations (EBI), is increasingly at the heart of theory and accumulating evidence on sustainment like the Dynamic Sustainability Framework, Learning Organizations, deep ethnographic evidence, and of course, quality improvement, which is a key pillar of High Reliability Organizations. Engaging teams in on-going optimization of EBIs also helps to create receptive contexts (reflected by constructs within CFIR’s Inner Setting) and prepare teams to fully engage in the Process of new implementation efforts. A key challenge for our own work, is to sustain engagement and optimization long after initial implementation efforts have ended.