Best Practice

These definitions were taken from the QUERI Glossary that was published as an additional file in Implementation Science in 2008Stetler, C., Mittman, B. S., and Francis, J. Overview of the VA Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) and QUERI theme articles: QUERI Series. Implement Sci 2008, 3(1), 8. and others:Feussner JR, Demakis JG, Kizer KW: VA’s Quality Enhancement Research Initiative. Med Care 2000, 38: VA QUERI Supplement.NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination: Getting evidence into practice. Eff Health Care 1999, 5: 1-15.

  • Evidence-based findings regarding an appropriate diagnostic approach, therapeutic treatment/regimen, or delivery system.
  • Findings should be well established to be “best practice”; and may be found within more general evidence-based guidelines but focus on a more limited set of key clinical actions or processes.
  • NOTE: QUERI is currently exploring a broader view of evidence within context of needStetler CB: Refinement of the Stetler/Marram model for application of research findings to practice. Nurs Outlook 1994, 42: 15-25.Stetler CB. Updating the Stetler Model of research utilization to facilitate evidence-based practice. Nurs Outlook 2001, 49: 272-279.CHSRF (Canadian Health Service Research Foundation). Definition of evidence.