Implementation Toolkit

This definition is taken from the QUERI Glossary:[1]

  • A package of implementation interventions that is developed, tested, and refined by implementation researchers for dissemination to health care facilities for use in spreading a targeted best practice intervention or program.
  • Toolkits often include educational material, data collection tools, pocket reference guides, decision-making algorithms, etc. Increasingly, additional elements essential for effective replication and sustained implementation are being considered for inclusion, e.g., methods for engaging stakeholders or assessing readiness; descriptions of the need for and role of a facilitator; barriers to/solutions for sustainability; and the approaches to and usefulness of formative evaluation before, during and after implementation.


  1. Stetler, C., Mittman, B. S., and Francis, J. Overview of the VA Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) and QUERI theme articles: QUERI Series. Implement Sci 2008, 3(1), 8.