Roles Sub-Domain

Document the roles applicable to the project and their location in the Inner or Outer Setting.

This subdomain includes the roles of individuals involved with implementing, delivering, and/or receiving the innovation. Terms for implementation and innovation roles are used inconsistently and sometimes synonymously in the literature (Greenhalgh, Robert, et al., 2004); as a result, it is important for each user to clearly define roles for each project. Each of the roles listed below may reside in the Inner or Outer Setting. For example, blended implementation facilitation approaches involve Implementation Facilitators who may be affiliated with a centralized entity in the Outer Setting and who partner with an Implementation Lead in the Inner Setting (S. N. Smith et al., 2020).

Qualitative coding guidelines that are aligned with the Updated CFIR will be added in the future.

As we become aware of measures, we will post them here. Please contact us with updates.

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