Quantitative Data

There is no known, complete set of quantitative measures for CFIR constructs. However, several research groups are in the process of developing quantitative CFIR measures or mapping the CFIR to other instruments.

A few individual constructs do have listed measures in addition to the sources listed on this page.

We will post quantitative measures as they become available. If you know of a measure, please contact us

  • We have published an abbreviated 14-item measure that assesses constructs most commonly associated with outcomes. Our goal was to create a measure in everyday language. We used a “think aloud” process to refine wording and items. Please Contact Us if you would like to apply this measure in your own work.
  • The SIRC Measurement Project, with contributions from a range of researchers, led evaluation of measures mapped to CFIR. Their growing collection of articles are online.
  • Fernandez and colleagues developed measures based on CFIR construct definitions. Visit our blog for more details.
  • One synthesis, published in 2016, by Clinton-McHarg and colleagues, identified 51 potential measures, mapped to CFIR, but few adequately assessed or reported psychometric properties.

Developed by Helfrich et al. in 2009, the ORCA instrument is a 74-item survey with three domains (Evidence, Context, and Facilitation). Each ORCA survey item was mapped to a CFIR construct. Results of this mapping are available ahead of publication

Developed by Gustafson et al. in 2003, the OCM instrument is a 60-item survey with 15 domains. Each OCM survey item was mapped to a CFIR construct by a small group of researchers, experienced with the CFIR and/or the OCM. A manuscript is in development.

The SIRC is in process identifying measurement instruments and mapping them to the CFIR and an outcomes framework; over 400 instruments have been identified and the SIRC is evaluating each instrument. Check the SIRC site regularly for updates.

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Kegler MC, Liang S, Weiner BJ, Tu SP, Friedman DB, Glenn BA, Herrmann AK, Risendal B, Fernandez ME. Measuring Constructs of the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research in the Context of Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screening in Federally Qualified Health Center. Health services research. 2018 Sep 10.